Pollonia, Milos

Welcome To Hanabi Sushi & Fusion Cuisine

Stunning views in a stylish space with the sea at your feet.
This impressive culinary destination aspires to trigger your palate
with imaginative, high-quality delicacies, all day long.



Its hearty brunch includes pancakes, croque madame and brioche.
Perfect for the summer, the freshly-made sushi and sashimi are a tempting delight.

You won’t be able to resist the variety of maki rolls, nigiri and unique dragons.
The culinary journey continues in a mood for fusion.
The chef’s recommendation is sauteed sea bass with topinambur puree and sauce gastrique.

For dessert, his sweet concoctions will get you addicted on the very first bite.
The sophisticated wine list, the aperitifs and creative cocktails, such as the Elderflower Spritz and Negroni, will accompany you on a Japanese-Mediterranean journey that you’ll never want to end.